The Health Foundation is an independent charity working to continuously improve the quality of heatlhcare in the UK

Our history and how we are funded

We are an independent charity working to continuously improve the quality of healthcare in the UK.

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The history of the Health Foundation

The Health Foundation was founded in 1983 as the PPP Medical Trust with a donation of £350,000 a year from Private Patients Plan Limited (PPP). In 1998, the organisation, then named the PPP Healthcare Medical Trust, became fully independent with an endowment of approximately £540 million resulting from the sale of the PPP Healthcare group.

The Trust began its grant making programme in 1999, awarding £4.8 million to applicants in the fields of mental health and learning disabilities affecting children and young people, older people, professional development for healthcare professionals through undertaking their own projects and supporting intercalated BSC degrees for medical students.

We became the Health Foundation in 2003 and moved to our current offices in Covent Garden from Cavendish Square which had been the home of the Trust since 1998. Today we award in the region of £17 million each year through our programmes to projects across the UK that support our priorities.

Information about our current work can be found in our Annual Review.

Find out more about our current programmes.

How we are funded

We receive all of our funding from our endowment. The endowment is invested in a range of ways including ethical investment in shares and investing in programmes that further the aims of the Health Foundation, such as our part ownership of the BMJ Quality & Safety journal.

Our investments team work with external fund managers to handle the day to day management of the endowment with oversight provided by our Chief Investment Officer and the Investment Committee.

More information about our finances can be found in our annual report and financial statements.

Our approach to funding

We aim to actively fund programmes that meet our priorities as an organisation. To help us achieve this, we only give funding through our programmes and invitations to tender.

We distribute funding through two methods:

  1. Award programmes: every year we have a range of programmes to improve the quality of healthcare. Find out more about our current programmes.
  2. Tenders – from time to time, we commission other organisations to undertake work such as technical support or undertaking discrete pieces of research. This is usually through an open tender. Find out more about our current tenders.

We don’t accept any unsolicited applications for funding.

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