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Improvement science webinars

This webinar series will focus on issues of importance to the emerging community of improvement science researchers and practitioners in healthcare. Webinars are delivered by members of the Health Foundation's International Development Group for Improvement Science.

Future webinars

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  • Webinar: Tips and challenges for making the most of the Researcher in Residence model (December 2014)

    Webinar Tips and challenges for making the most of the Researcher in Residence model.mp4


    In this webinar, Professor Martin Marshall outlines a new model being developed by UCLPartners to bring improvement research closer to everyday practice of health care. Martin is joined by Dr Christina Pagel and Bethan George, who will discuss their experiences and reflections of introducing the Researcher in Residence model in practice.

  • Achieving value in hard times (July 2014)

    Achieving value in hard times HD.mp4


    In this webinar, we explore how the socio-technical allocation of resources – the Star approach – can help commissioners and those planning services in resource allocation.

    Professor Gwyn Bevan presents the thinking behind the Star approach and is joined in discussion by Anita Charlesworth, Chief Economist of the Health Foundation, to talk about practical application of the approach. The webinar is facilitated by Professor Bill Lucas.

  • Can technology really help improve health care? (May 2014)

    Can technology really help improve health care standard.mp4


    In this webinar, Dr Brian Robson and Professor Tony Cornford explore how technology can improve health care, the challenges of digital innovation and the potential for it to lead to long-term improvements in patient care.

  • Quality improvement - the role of context and how to manage it (March 2014)

    Quality improvement_the role of context and how to manage it webinar 2014.mp4
    context for improvement webinar.gif


    Efforts to improve the quality of patient care have tended to focus on defined technical interventions, often with mixed results in different settings.

    There is increasing recognition that it’s not just what you do, but the way that you do it and the environment or context that really matters. A range of factors can affect the success of improvement, from the external policy environment, to organisational culture, to local structures, available people and processes. 

    This webinar – with Naomi Fulop, John Gabbay and Andrée le May, chaired by Bill Lucas – explores why context needs to be taken into consideration when attempting improvement, and what skills best help professionals to manage context effectively.

  • The measurement and monitoring of safety: Professor Charles Vincent in conversation with Bill Lucas (December 2013)

    Measuring and monitoring safety.mp4
    measurement and monitoring webinar title card


    Earlier this year, Professor Charles Vincent and colleagues from Imperial College London drew together evidence from a range of sources both from within healthcare settings and from other safety critical industries in an acclaimed publication for The Health Foundation.

    The framework highlights the key dimensions that any healthcare organisation should consider in its safety measurement plans.

    In this webinar, Charles talks to Bill Lucas about the framework and answers questions from participants.

  • The benefits and challenges of evaluating improvements (February 2013)

    The benefits and challenges of evaluating improvements.mp4
    Benefits and challenges of evaluating improvements large.gif

    In this webinar, Dr Laura Leviton addresses the concept of ‘evaluability assessment’, a useful exploratory stage to determine whether an initiative is mature enough to be evaluated.

    Professor Nick Barber talks about measurement and the challenges of evaluating new technologies which aim to improve healthcare.

    Note: Unfortunately there are some issues with the sound during Laura's presentation at the beginning. These sound issues were resolved further in to the webinar.

    Download Laura's presentation

  • Where in the world is improvement science? (October 2012)

    Where in the world is improvement science webinar.mp4
    Where in the world is improvement science large.gif

    Professors Ross Baker and Naomi Fulop present the results of their wide-ranging scan of research centres based in academic and healthcare institutions. While most are in Europe and North America – the desktop global search also took them further afield to review centres in Australasia and Asia.

    Download Ross and Naomi's presentation

  • What is improvement science and why does it matter in healthcare? (July 2012)

    Improvement Science Fellows webinar_July 2012 totally.mp4
    Improvement Science Fellows webinar.gif

    Four of our Improvement Science Fellows – Davina Allen, Tim Draycott, Julie Reed and Carl Macrae – talk to Bill Lucas about the emerging field of improvement science.

  • Heterogeneity is not always noise (March 2012)

    Frank Davidoff webinar with subtitles.mp4
    Frank Davidoff webinar.gif

    Dr Frank Davidoff explores how, in quality improvement work, results are not just about the intervention itself. Traditional methodologies to test clinical interventions, such as randomised double blind trial, therefore need to be re-assessed in relation to improvement science.

    Download Frank's presentation

  • How to write about quality and get published (November 2011)

    Improvement science webinar_how to get published.mp4
    Mary Dixon Woods webinar.gif

    Mary Dixon-Woods explores how to write up your research/improvement project for publication. Offering tips on academic writing and structuring papers, she shows how to make your manuscript interesting, engaging, and clear. She also looks at how to target specific journals, and how to respond to referees’ comments.

    Download Mary's presentation

  • Achieving synergy between designing & reporting quality improvement projects (January 2012)

    Improvement science webinar_achieving synergy on QI projects_subtitles.mp4
    Kaveh Shojjania webinar.gif

    Dr Kaveh Shojania looks at successfully designing and usefully reporting improvement initiatives, including consideration of several often overlooked principles. The single most commonly overlooked principle is matching the solution to the problem.

    Download Kaveh's presentation

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