The Health Foundation is an independent charity working to continuously improve the quality of heatlhcare in the UK

Influencing policy

Illustration showing different departments in a hospitalWhy do we influence policy?

Influencing policy development is central to the work of the Health Foundation.

We believe that to improve quality we need a judicious mix of the right policy environment (including regulation and performance management), professionalism and continuous quality improvement approaches. Improvement is most likely to succeed when these different factors are aligned. 

How do we influence policy?

From government and the NHS to patient organisations, we contribute to policy development and debate by sharing the learning from our improvement programmes and our research and development. Our approach reflects our values: we seek to be grounded in evidence, positive, catalytic and independent.


Consultation responses

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Health Foundation, King's Fund and Nuffield Trust response to ‘Protecting Health and Care Information: A consultation on proposals to introduce new regulations’

August 2014
This response argues that a robust, transparent system of data exchange needs to be built; one that both protects individuals' confidentiality and makes use of the huge potential de-identified person-level data have to improve health and care.
08 August 2014

Health Foundation response to 'Wilful neglect or ill-treatment in health and social care'

June 2014
In February 2014, the Department of Health published a consultation seeking views on proposals for a new offence of ill-treatment or wilful neglect. This is the Health Foundation's response.
23 June 2014

Health Foundation response to 'False or Misleading Information: A consultation on the application of the offence by regulations'

June 2014
In April 2014, the Department of Health published a consultation seeking  views on how the regulations relating to the new criminal offence for supplying false or misleading information should be applied in England. This is the Health Foundation...
23 June 2014

Health Foundation response to '2015/16 National Tariff Payment System: national prices methodology discussion paper'

27 May 2014
In our response to Monitor's discussion paper, we look at the role of the National Tariff Payment System in supporting efficiency improvement and consider the price setting process. We then discuss the longer term case for reform of the system.
27 May 2014

Health Foundation response to 'Introducing Fundamental Standards: Consultation on proposals to change CQC registration regulations'

11 April 2014
In our response to proposed changes to Care Quality Commission registration requirements, we welcome a single set of fundamental standards. However, we have some specific comments about how the fundamental standards will support person-centred care.
11 April 2014

Health Foundation response to the Monitor consultation on governance reviews

10 March 2014
In our response to Monitor's consultation on governance reviews, we set out our evidence about the role of boards in promoting quality improvement, patient safety and person-centredness, and make specific recommendations on the governance review proc...
10 March 2014

Health Foundation submission of evidence to the Local Government Innovation Taskforce

18 December 2013
We have responded to the Local Government Innovation Taskforce‟s call for evidence. We identified three innovative and evidence-based approaches to healthcare improvement that contribute to addressing the questions the Taskforce has posed about loc...
18 December 2013

Response to Department of Health Consultation - Refreshing the Mandate to NHS England: 2014-2015

27 September 2013
In our response to the Department of Health Consultation - Refreshing the Mandate to NHS England: 2014-2015 we welcome the opportunity provided by the consultation to ensure the Mandate establishes the best possible framework for achieving the vision...
02 October 2013

The Health Foundation’s response to the NICE consultation on draft Behaviour Change guidance

August 2013
In June 2013, the National Institute for Care and Excellence (NICE) launched a consultation on draft public health guidance on Behaviour Change (a partial update of existing guidance, PH6). The draft guidance covers individual-level behaviour change ...
21 August 2013

Response to the NHS England Urgent and Emergency Care Consultation

August 2013
Earlier this year, NHS Medical Director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh announced the Urgent and Emergency Care Review to look into the way the NHS responds to and receives emergency patients. A steering group chaired by Professor Keith Willett, National D...
09 August 2013
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