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Innovating for Improvement

In brief

Innovating for Improvement is currently closed for applications.

This programme will open for applications on 13 January 2015. Register for email alerts to get an email when the programme is open.

We have £1.5 million available for up to 20 teams to test and develop innovative ideas and approaches to improve health care delivery in the UK.

As part of our Innovating for Improvement programme, we look for projects that aim to improve health care delivery and/or the way people manage their own health care through the redesign of processes, practices and services.

We want to support clinical teams to develop their innovative ideas and approaches, put them into practice and gather evidence about how their innovation improves quality.

Applications can come from any health or health and social care provider organisation in the UK where health care services are delivered free at the point of delivery.

Find out more

You can also find out more about examples of previous innovation projects we have funded from our Shine programme.

We are a national user-led organisation called Disability Rights UK. Through the consortium Win-Win Alliance - disabled people leading change - we report as a strategic partner to NHS E, Department of Health and PHE.

We look for partners for this call. We have a track record in innovation for training and consultancy on user-led or patient-led perspectives in health and social care, eg on making people the integrators of health and social care. We act on a wide spectrum between very personal, small scale approaches, eg integrating and extending personal (health) budgets through supporting people to pool them, and b) large population-based approaches such as joint commissioning which may include block contracts. The latter concerns the user-led part of a procurement exercise for a large population-based cohort - with set percentages for scoring at bidder evaluation and subsequent provider payment profiles.

Bernd Sass
Strategic Partnership Manager, Win-Win Alliance, Disability Rights UK

07906 521536
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