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Funding for PhDs in improvement science

In brief

We are making funding available for PhDs in improvement science to support the long-term development of this field by UK research organisations.

PhD studies in improvement science complement our other investments in this field; the post-doctoral Improvement Science Fellowships and the Improvement Science Development Group, which all contribute to building a scientific evidence base to facilitate improvements across health care.

This funding for PhDs offers an opportunity for researchers to specialise in applied improvement science early on in their career. It will enable them to work with partners and collaborators in the health service, and ultimately contribute to the knowledge base of the science of improvement.

Four research organisations will each receive up to £280,000 funding for two PhD students, giving organisations the opportunity to further develop their research in this emerging field.

The aim of the programme is to develop improvement science by helping to build a critical mass of improvement science research at leading institutions.

Applications are currently closed.

When will the selection process be announced?
The 8 universities will have their own selection processes and timescales as they are responsbile for the recruitment and selection of the students. We expect to place a link from our website to the individual university pages advertising the studentships as soon as they are live.
Nottingham University Seem to have posted their adverts, any idea when Leicester will be doing same?
I was very interested to read about your phd awards for improvement science. Am I too late to apply for this fantastic opportunity?
Hello Rakiya, the universities are all recruiting at different times. Please follow the link below to view what adverts have been posted by universities to date. Leicester University has now posted an advert.
Hi Jackie, I'm afraid we are now closed for applications for the current round of PhD Awards. We will probably be recruiting for our next round of PhD Awards sometime in 2014.

Dundee currently recruiting.
Hi - do you know if any of these studentships will be offered part time?
The studentships may be offered on a part-time basis, provided they are completed by January 2018. However it's up to individual universities to determine how they wish to structure the studentships, so you should check with them.
King's College London is now recruiting:
any idea when University College of London will be doing same?
Hi Antonella, UCL will be advertising their PhD Awards in 2014. I suggest you make contact with them directly to find out key dates.
Hi, do you know if Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham will also be advertising in 2014 and whether the PhD projects will all start no later than September/October 2014? Will the Manchester fellowships be advertised under the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences as part of the Institute of Health Sciences?

Many thanks
Hi Vicky, Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham have all appointed their students. All fellowships will start no later than Sep/Oct 2014. Please take a look at the Projects page for current recruitment status:
Do you have application dates in 2014 yet please? Will it be the same universities in 2014? Many thanks
Hi Clare

The dates for next year are not yet confirmed, but likely to be around October 2014. We don't know which universities will apply at this stage, so cannot confirm whether or not the PhDs will be offered through the same insititutions. As with this year, it is likely that each successful university will have its own recruitment timetable for the PhDs.

I am an international student and wanted to know if non-UK or EU students are eligible to apply for the PhD in Improvement Science as well.
Hi Felix

Student applications for the PhD are run through the selected universities listed above. Please check with them directly on their eligibility criteria.

Can I enquire as to the institutions that will be offering these for the 2014 entry?
Hi Adam, we will run another round of PhD awards for Improvement Science towards the latter part of 2014. Selection will be made through an open application process - insitutions will be shortlisted and interviewed. Please keep an eye on our website for exact timings.
what about the admissions for Phd for the next year?
Sorry Rinku, I'm not clear on your question, can you please rephrase.
How do organisations get onto list for consideration please? Are universities contacted directly, do they need to check your website can they request to be notified when applications are open please?

Many thanks
Hi Clare, we will put out a call for proposals for our next round of PhD Awards for Improvement Science in Q4 2014. This will be advertised on our website. You can sign up for our Newsletter on the home page of the website.

If the call for proposals for the next PhDs awards is not until Q4/October 2014 - I imagine this does not mean the students good will actually commence until beginning of 2015 at the earliest? ie there will not be an autumn intake of phd students regardless of individual university timetables? Many thanks
Thanks for all the interest in our PhD programme. As noted in earlier comments, we will be starting the award process, seeking interest from universities in the autumn 2014, so the uiniversities that gain this funding will not be recruiting students until mid-2015, at the earliest. All student recruitment is carried out separately by the individual universities. There is not an annual intake of students as this is an occasional grant-funded programme from the Health Foundation, reflecting our current priority area to build the academic field for studies in improvement science in healthcare.
Thank you for clarifying. I realised recruitment was through institutions, but was unclear on the timings. This is very helpful.
Will the funding be open to students from Africa?
Hello John, to build on our existing investment in improvement science in the UK, students will need to be based here.
is there an opportunity for international students?!!
I have finished my MSc degree from Glasgow University and currently i have returned to Jordan.

You have said that students needs to be based at UK. Can i apply as an international students?!
Hello Hedaya, I'm afraid you won't be able to apply as an international student. The awarded universities won't be paying international student fees on these PhDs.
Hello Dany,

I am a Senior Midwife working for a London NHS Foundation Trust. I am very interested in Improvement Science as it is an emerging concept that very little is known about it in midwifery.

As a midwife, we are the expert in normal pregnancies. So we should be able to stand with women and support them safely with their choice to avoid unnecessary interventions.

I think the ability to translate evidence and clinical guidelines into practice will empower midwives to support women with their choice and not worry too much about litigation. I would like to have an opportunity to do a PhD in Improvement Science under the umbrella of the Health Foundation.

I already have a masters in Medical Education and I am currently doing a masters in Clinical Research (MRes Clinical Research -commenced Sept. this year) at City University on a full time basis for a year.

I would like to have some information sent to my email about the PhD as a whole and also regarding the intakes onto the course.

Many thanks
Please can you let us know when the successful scholarship institutions will be announced? Many thanks
Hi Helen, please find a full list of successful institutions above.
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