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Safety measurement and monitoring

In brief

The aim of the Safety Measurement and Monitoring programme is to test and develop Professor Charles Vincent and colleagues' measurement and monitoring framework, translating their research into an approach that can be successfully adopted in diverse health care practice settings.

We have £1.8 million available to work with three regional improvement bodies, who will each work with two frontline NHS organisations (test sites). These test sites must provide or deliver health services free at the point of care in primary, secondary or tertiary care, or across boundaries such as health and social care.

We are now inviting what we are calling 'regional improvement bodies' to apply to be part of this programme in a closed competitive selection process.

The regional improvement bodies we have invited to apply have a specific focus on safety improvement. We believe these bodies are well placed to support the test sites and share what is learned through the work at these sites, establishing a strong foundation for developing the framework and spreading its use more widely. Of those invited, we are planning to work with three regional improvement bodies.

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