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Shine 2014

In brief

To tackle some of the challenges within the health service, and to stimulate wide-scale improvements in the quality of health care, innovative approaches are needed.

However, good ideas only become good practice when there’s an opportunity to develop, test and gather evidence to support them. This is the idea behind the Shine programme. It was designed to support health care practitioners to try out new ideas in ways that can be measured and proven.

In this final round of Shine we are supporting teams that have come up with new approaches to delivering healthcare that aim to achieve one of the following:

  • Support people to take a more active role in their own health and care.
  • Improve the safety of patient care.
  • Improve quality while reducing costs.

We chose 23 health care teams with outstanding, innovative ideas to take part in Shine 2014. We are providing them with funding of up to £75,000 each to run and test their quality improvement ideas.

Over the course of 15 months, the project teams will develop and test their innovations, putting them into practice, and gathering evidence about their impact and effectiveness.

The project teams and their partner organisations are from across the UK and include NHS foundation trusts, clinical commissioning groups, royal colleges, charities, universities and social enterprises.

All project teams started their three-month set-up phase by June 2014, with the implementation period running from September 2014 to August 2015. A final event to share learning will be held after that.

Would an Health and Wellbeing board be able to apply?
Yes, a Health and Wellbeing board is eligible to apply.
Would Complementary Therapists working together be able to apply?
NHS, private and voluntary sector organisations are equally invited to apply. All applications should be led by the organisation where the innovation is being tested. Teams may include partnerships with other types of organisations, such as universities, consultancies or innovation intermediaries, in order to secure the right skill mix within the team.

This and other information is outlined in the Call for Proposals and guidance notes which you should read carefully to inform your decision to apply.
Would Complementary Therapists working together be able to apply?
Where are the information calls held?
Helen, thank you for your question about the information calls. These are conducted by telephone and when you register for a call you will be sent the dial in details which include a freephone number and access code. You can make the call from wherever is most convenient for you.
Can you clarify a question regarding eligibility, specifically with regards to the issue of the location where the innovation would be tested.
My organisation is a child & adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) so the lead organisation is an nhs mental health trust. Our specialist CAMHS service offers a service at tier 2 and 3. Part of the role of tier 2 mental health workers is to offer consultation and training at tier 1 (i.e., universal services). This innovation will involve training and supported delivery within tier 1 community settings (i.e., schools). Can you confirm that we would be eligible to apply?
Thank you for your question.

As a mental health trust you would certainly be eligible to apply. The work you suggest sounds quite suitable for a Shine application.
Would a multi-site study aiming to provide evidence about staff perceptions of patient safety and factors which impede this be eligible as there is no specific intervention at this stage?
However, the information would inform future interventions and ensure resources for these were targeted, cost-effective etc.
Many thanks

Thank you for your enquiry.

We expect all Shine projects to have an intervention which is testing a new approach so as you describe it, your suggestion would not fit.
Additionally, Shine projects should be novel and not been tried before and you will need to demonstrate in your application that you have researched to ensure that your idea is new.
Would Social Care providers be eligble to apply if collaborating with health care providers?

Thanks in advance.
We are an NHS trust looking to develop use of Skype for patient consultations, particularly for patients with long-term physically disabling conditions (such as chronic fatigue and chronic pain). We currently do not have this facility but other NHS trusts do. This is therefore innovative for us, but not new to the NHS. Could we be eligible?
Is there a deadline to register for the information calls?
Bryany, regarding your question about use of Skype for patient consultation: the Call for proposals explains what we are looking for in terms of innovation.

You will need to demonstrate that you have done some research to determine that the work you are suggesting is novel in the setting you are proposing.

You should register for the information calls as soon as you know that you will be submitting an application. There is no specific deadline.
We'd like to look at how the role of an Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLOs), or similar early intervention support staff, to work closely with medical and nursing staff in the busy eye clinic, and hopefully the sensory team in social services. The role would provide those recently diagnosed with an eye condition with the practical and emotional support which they need to understand their diagnosis, deal with their sight loss and maintain their independence. Could we be eligable please?

Thank you for your question. You will have seen from the information on these pages that the focus for Shine is innovation. You will need to demonstrate in your application that you have checked to find out if this has been done anywhere else. If this is truly novel then this approach would be eligible.

Can you apply for a project that has started in a pilot phase but is continually developing? Would including the development of innovative measures of long term benefit be possible?
Would a novel educational intervention aimed at healthcare workers with the objective of improving a demonstrable and measurable aspect of patient safety be something that the Health Foundation might be interested to fund through SHINE?
If another division of the same organisation is making a separate bid, would a second bid be a) received b) likely to be approved?

Many thanks,
Dr Peerally

Your suggestion sounds interesting. The difficulty that I would foresee is that you would need to demonstrate the impact of your intervention within the timeframe of the 15 months allocated. If you think that would be achievable then it may be eligible.
Regarding the question above from Daniel Waeland; a different division of an organisation is eligible to apply. Each application is judged on its' merits and fit with programme criteria.
In Shine we are looking for new interventions so something that is in existence already is unlikely to be eligible.
Marina, In Shine we are looking for new interventions so something that is in existence already is unlikely to be eligible.
Is this just health care innovation or does it include health improvement / health promotion type innovation?
I am a patient safety campaigner and minor philanthropist who has been trialling a technique to embed a positive safety culture. The technique comes from Industry where it has a 25 year track record of success in reducing Safety Incidents. I have been funding this myself but would welcome some help both financially and in terms of advice on speeding up implmentation.
Can I apply ?
John Bamford

Dear team,
can an enhanced recovery program apply? This is a novel and innovative idea from an area of medicine which needs it the most.
This is in the form of a research which is being planned over 1-1.5 years.
Saju Sharafueen
consultant anaesthetist
We are Speech Therapists based at a University clinic. The call states that partnerships with Universities are allowed, but are applications from Universities as the leading site eligible?

Our application would be led by us, but partnered with the local NHS teams - is this still eligible, or would it need to be led by the NHS team?
To Mike Parker. Health improvement / promotion innovations would be eligible.
To John Bamford. Innovative work to embed a positive safety culture would be interesting to us. You should review the Call for Proposals to see how what you are proposing fits with Shine 2014.
To Saju Sharafueen. Novel ideas for enhanced recovery would be interesting, but Shine is about interventions rather than research and should be something which can be tested and measured within the 15 month Shine award period.
To Lotte Meteyard. We would expect aplications to be led by the organisation where the intervention is taking place.
Hi there,

If one was to be selected, when would the funding be available to us? Would the earliest be in June?
Payments for awards are phased throughout the 15 month period. Our usual practice is to make a payment of 25% of the total grant at the start of the award period. This would be in June 2014.
Would the Shine programme cover the cost of developing a Mobile app?

Please can you also advise if the programme would cover the cost of developing and producing educational resources e.g. DVDs/hard copy resources?

The information available on your website gives the impression that the programme will only cover the cost of "staff resources". Be grateful if you could clarify.

Thanks again!
Within the maximum £75,000 you can budget for legitimate project costs as described. You will also need to cost in staff resources and all other expenses needed to test your innovation.
MovingTherapy, created by a physiotherapist, is a website dedicated to self-management of the elderly and Long Term Conditions,and has been active for two years now. There are no costs involved.

It is recognised by NHSinform, Scotland's form of NHSdirect and Your life,Your Choice, Cambridgeshire County Councils health information website.

Last year 22,000 pages were accessed and it continues to be visited world wide.
As a Voluntary organisation BEMDA Charity will like to apply for this improving the quality of healthcare in the UK study.
Our organisation is a charity with access to a large number of Black and Minority Ethnic communities. We will like to be involved either on our own or in partnership with another organisation. I this possible?
Hi, if a similar intervention/service has been developed sucessfully in another part of the country but not in our setting would that still qualify as eligable or does ot have to be completly new i.e not anywhere else in the world?!
This is covered on page 6 of the Call for Proposals, copies below:
Innovation: our criteria
Innovation will be considered using the following criteria:

a. Entirely new or novel.
b. Transferred into healthcare from another sector such as another public service body or another industry.
c. Transferred into the UK healthcare sector from overseas healthcare systems.
d. Transferred or adapted from one healthcare setting to another, for example, adult care to paediatrics, secondary care to primary care.
would a patient advocacy group be able to apply
To Aderonke Kuti and Linda Larter, regarding your queries about organisations which are eligible to apply; Shine is open to applications from healthcare teams based in any of the four countries of the UK.So NHS, private and voluntary sector organisations are equally eligible to apply. All voluntary sector, not for profit organisations, social enterprises or community interest organisations must be registered as a charity or as a company limited by guarantee. Applications must be led by the organisation where the innovation is being tested. The lead organisation should be an organisation that is formally constituted and in the position to the manage the award that we make for up to £75,000, be able to work with Springfield Consultancy and be able to report to the Health Foundation on project progress and financial spend of the award.
Would the implementation of a new clinical pathway across an acute trust, primary care and ambulance trust - as in a consistnet standardised approach in a local heath economy be a suitable project that would could be submitted to SHINE?

Can you clarify what is meant by:

'The Health Foundation will not cover any capital costs or organisational overheads.'

Does this mean that only basic salary costs can be costed? If this is the case, it is likely to rule out most organisations!

Claire, the implementation of a new clinical pathway would be eligible to apply.

Graham, Shine funds can be used to cover salary costs for a project manager, including recruitment costs where necessary. Other eligible costs include relevant materials which may include small items of equipment. What we will not cover is organisational overhead expenses, for example. I hope that this clarifies this matter for you.
We are exploring possibility of a project around presenting contraception talks to all 2nd year senior school children through a DVD presentation which would fit with curriculum for excellence and supporting information pack. The idea would encourage multiagency collaboration; health. education, young peoples workers and would fit within 'sexual health strategy'. The DVD would highlight not only contraception but services and support within the local area for young people.
Would we be eligible to apply?
In the Shine programme, we are expecting applications from a range of organisations (which may include social enterprise groups, CCGs and others), but the project team must include NHS providers or private or voluntary sector organisations delivering NHS services free at the point of the delivery.

Development of a DVD would not be eligible. Testing effectiveness would be the key - we want to see evidence of impact within the period of the award. I would refer you to page10 of the Call for proposals which outlines scale and timing of the project and how the impact and success of Shine will be measured.

AQuA are a Quality Improvement body hosted by Salford Royal FT. AQuA works on a membership model with most of the NW NHS organisations as members. Could AQuA be the lead organisation working with a member organisation who would be testing the innovation.
Yes AQuA are eligible to apply.
I am looking into the possibility of developing ways to create a more compassionate culture within an organisation (an NHS Mental Health Trust) with the aim of helping to nurture and value front line staff in their work with service users.

Would this be an appropriate project for Shine?
Hi, would implementing a system for workforce development be eligible? No specific disease would be targeted, rather the workforce?
In response to both the previous two questions, we are looking to see direct improvements in patient care rather than specific technical skills development in Shine 2014 projects. The types of innovations described would be likely to need longer than 15 months to demonstrate effectiveness. For these reasons we don’t think that your project would be a good fit with Shine 2014.
Our project definitely tick the quality and safety box. Regarding innovation we propose a physiotherapy-led service redesign to ensure young adults with a first time traumatic shoulder dislocation, who are at high risk of re-dislocation, are referred for a specialist surgical opinion in a timely manner. This would in turn enable physiotherapists to manage those patients with shoulder instability for whom there is no surgical solution with an exercise based rehabilitation programme. A service redesign is not in itself innovative although it is rare for physiotherapy specialists to lead on this; however we also intend to measure patient based outcomes across the service using a scanning software programme, which for us is the innovative part.
Would our project fit your criteria?

We have an assay developed in house for the detection of metastatic breast cancer in sentinel nodes. It is currently running at 3 hospitals in the NHS and the assay provides a significant svaing on the alternative assay it replaced and an another assay that is currently availbale.

This assay at present takes about 26+6 mins. Despite this the delivery of the result from the assay lags behind the surgeon because they would have finished the mastectomy or lumpectomy and are awaiting the outcome of the assay. If positive, the patient with breast cancer undergoes an axillary clearance if negative, the patients is sent to recoveryt. So in effect theater time is lost whislt waiting for a result. There is always technological development and there is a new machine capable of delivering a result in 10 mins. We would like to apply for funding to transfer the assay from the current platform to a more uptodate platform.

Does this fit within the remit of the Shine all for application for funding? We would be looking for funds to purchase the machine, consumables and also salary for a technical member of staff, amouting for about £65k.
How should references within the application be cited and where?

I assume you would be flexible on style of citation. My quesiton is more around where to put the full reference once cited within the text? - At the bottom of the text boxes for each question or on a seperate page. And if within the text boxes themselves, would they count towards word limits?

Many thanks,
Dear Vasi

We have just sent you the FAQs, please refer to pages 4-5 especially as this should answer your query.

Raheel Anwar
Programme Officer
The Health Foundation
Dear Jenny

You may put references within the text box at the bottom of each question . This will not count in the word limit.

Raheel Anwar
Programme Officer
The Health Foundation

Would the funding be able to cover the development of a (theory based) smartphone app aimed to improve self management for children and young people with severe asthma?

Many thanks
Dear Puja

Please take a look at the FAQ document available on the SHINE 2014 application section as this will give you a flavour of the criteria we will consider you for eligibility. For your bid to be successful, it is important that your project achieves one of the following:

• Supporting people to take a more active role in their own health and care.
• Improving the safety of patient care.
• Improving quality while reducing costs

It is essential that your project is innovative and improves quality.

Please consider that the project team must include NHS providers or private or voluntary sector organisations delivering NHS services free at the point of the delivery.

Before starting your application form, your project will be screened through eligibility criteria so this will help to determine the suitability of your project in a broad sense.


would bids be supported from projects that have a less transparent impact on patient care - for instance that involve higher quality recruitment or developing training programmes for staff?

We are looking for a more direct impact on patient care. We have had a lot of interest in Shine and so the process will be very competitive. Applications which don't directly impact on patient care are unlikely to be successful.
In section 5.1 of the application form ("tell us about the financial costs of current service provision") do we need to provide the actual figures of current service provision or do we just need a descriptive account of what (and who) is currently a cost for the current service provision?

You need to demonstrate the current costs of the service, the cost of the intervention, and the impact of the intervention on costs.

Please refer to the FAQ document for more detail.
We are a not for profit dance company that run a programme in partnership with an NHS trust and a university, providing creative, physical activities for mental health patients and service users in clinical units across the region.

The next stage would be to provide activities in the community to support service user transition, recovery and relapse prevention.

Are we able to apply for Shine in partnership with the trust?
Many thanks.


Can part of the financial award for grants be used for salary in relation to a temporary contract for a person to be employed in a role which supports a project (e.g. research assistant / assistant psychologist) ?

Thank you

We cover this in the FAQ document. Shine is open to applications from healthcare teams based in any of the four countries of the UK. NHS, private and voluntary sector organisations are equally eligible to apply. All voluntary sector, not for profit organisation, social enterprises or community interest organisations must be legally constituted. Public health teams in local government can to apply.

To be eligible project teams should include a provider of NHS services, or a private or voluntary sector organisation delivering NHS services free at the point of delivery.

We expect applications to be led by the organisation where the innovation is being tested. This organisation should be formally constituted and in a position to manage the financial award, work with Springfield Consultancy and report to the Health Foundation on project progress and financial spend of our funding.

Thank you for your enquiry.
Dear Ian

Thank you for your enquiry. It would be fine for part of the funding to be used in the way you suggest.

thank you for your interest in Shine
I would be grateful if you would clarify what is required in terms of 'electronic signatures'?

Please either attach signatures that you have saved electronically; get the application signed and scan it before emailing, or scan and send the signatures separately. Please don't send the application as a PDF.
Thanks for that - very clear re electronic signatures . Could you also give a little more detail on costings for 'attending 3 events in London'. Obviously these will be approximate costs, but are these one day events - travelling from N Ireland would involve flights and probably one nights accommodation.

Please can you clarify how to handle VAT in a SHINE bid - should it be included in the funding?

We have read in the call for proposals that feedback won't be given to unsuccessful candidates at the first assessment stage (Part A).

However, will unsuccessful candidates at this first stage be informed that they won't proceed to the second assessment stage?
Please include all relevant costs. Overnight accommodation will be provided where required so you just need to budget for the travel costs.

I will correspond with you direct about your VAT query.

Applicants who are not sent for external assessment of the full application will be notified in December.

Are applications limited to 'ideas' or can implemented innovation apply?

Dear Shine 2014 team,

Please can you advise when we can expect to see information on the winning projects from Shine 2014?

Thanks and regards,
Please send us an application form to bid for funds available for 'Building on Successful Health Intervention', and please let us know the last date of this project
Dear Dr Sumra

You can find details about all our award schemes that are open for application on the "Open for applications" page of the website. You will be able to download application forms from there.
when is the next call for Shine coming out
Hi there

We would like to test our proposal that Looked After Children's Nurses would carry out higher quality, child and young person outcomes focussed, Looked After Children's Initial Health Assessments.

We would like to train our Looked After Children's Nurses to carry out the Initials (rather than Doctors, which has been the statutory positon in England for many years but not in Wales) and look to identifying our most vulnerable & hard to reach young people in a managed & constantly reviewed process. Our Nurse-led approach to Review HA's has had an extremely positive response & we think we could emulate that success. Could you support this innovation?
Would you give a grant for a member of Awitt/Ashrei staff to qualify as a naturopath/nutritionist.(can send you more info.). Staff member has qualifications in level 3 NVQ ICT, Childcare, Pediatric First Aid, (through derwentside college~) Brain Gym 1&2.
Dear Judith

This would not qualify for a Health Foundation award.

We channel our grant making via our award programmes to target areas that we are interested in. Full details of schemes which are open for application are available on the "apply for funding" section of the website.

I recommend that you sign up for The Health Foundation newsletter to ensure that you hear about funding opportunities as they become available.
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