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Shine 2011

In brief

Each year our Shine programme focuses on a different aspect of healthcare quality that reflects a key issue facing the UK health service.

The 2011 Shine challenge was to find new approaches to delivering healthcare that reduce the need for acute hospital care while improving quality and saving money.

There are many situations where care does not need to be provided in a hospital or inpatient setting; when the experience for service users and carers could be improved by providing care closer to home, or at home, and at lower cost.

Implementing such new ways of working requires innovative thinking, testing on a small scale and evidence of impact and effectiveness.

Through the Shine programme we invested up to £75,000 in 14 innovative, forward-thinking projects.

Over 12 months, the teams developed and tested their approach, putting it into practice and gathering evidence about its impact and effectiveness.

The Shine 2011 teams completed their work in May 2012. Further information on the projects and teams can be found in the projects section.

Projects related to mental health seem to be a bit thin on the ground in the 2010 and 2011 rounds of SHINE given the costs to the NHS of mental distress?
The Health Foundation does not target any particular medical area in awards schemes but judges each application for its fit with the aims of the scheme and its quality as compared with other applications.

We have supported mental health projects in our Engaging with Quality Initiative,Engaging with Quality in Primary Care, Closing the Gap through Clinical Communities and Closing the Gap through Changing Relationships award schemes.
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