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Shine 2012

In brief

The Health Foundation’s Shine programme sought to address the needs of a changing population while demonstrating value for money, by investing in innovative ideas designed to improve quality of care. 

Many healthcare professionals have groundbreaking ideas about how to improve their services, but these ideas can only become good practice if they have the opportunity to develop, test and gather the evidence to support them.

Shine 2012 provided healthcare teams with funding of up to £75,000 to run and test innovative quality improvement ideas, as well as external expertise and support in assessing the impact and evaluating the effectiveness of their interventions. Project teams developed their innovations through activities such as innovation, change management, measurement and self-evaluation.

Shine 2012 projects developed new approaches to delivering healthcare through one of the following categories:

  • supporting patients to be active partners in their own care
  • improving patient safety
  • improving quality (as defined by the Institute of Medicine) while reducing costs.

The 30 Shine project teams came from a wide range of settings, spanning NHS, private and voluntary sector providers, some including partnerships with other types of organisations, including universities, consultancies and innovation intermediaries.

These projects have gathered a wide range of learning about innovations that can be spread more widely to improve quality of care.  The poster book for the awards can be downloaded here.

Will there be a SHINE 2013?
Our timings have altered this year and we plan to launch the next round on Shine in the autumn.
Could you please let me know when registration for shine 2013 needs to be done and how.
We are currently working on the next round of Shine and expect to launch in the Autumn. Please sign up for our newsletter to ensure that you here as soon as there is any news.
very interested in the SHINE programme
It is good to know that there is so much interest in Shine. Further details of the next round of Shine will be available via this website and the newsletter in the Autumn.
Can you please inform me when this programme is open very interesting concept.
Could this funding include PhD fees?
Could this funding include PhD fees?
Shine 2012 is not open to applications, but Shine 2014 is! Please see the "open for applications" section of our website.

Our award schemes are focussed on quality improvement projects in healthcare and do not fund PhD fees.
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