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Spreading self-management support

In brief

Self-management support is an approach that health services can use to support people with long-term conditions to manage their health and healthcare even better.

Self-management support is now being piloted around the UK, and evaluations are revealing valuable insights into this new approach. There are indications that some activities can make a real difference – for example, helping clinical teams to enable and support patients, supporting the patients themselves to become more involved in their care, and redesigning local health services to support this new approach. But we need stronger evidence about the impact of self-management support and how best to implement it, and the findings need to be communicated more effectively.

To do this, the Health Foundation is funding four health economies that are already engaged in self-management support to find out more about how to effectively deliver self-management support and to share their learning with others.

Ultimately, we want to use these findings to encourage wider implementation of self-management support, to enable people with long-term conditions to achieve better health and a better quality of life.

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