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Quest for Quality and Improved Performance

QQUIP was a five-year research programme funded by the Health Foundation from 2005–2010, providing a source of independent commentary and data about the quality and performance of healthcare provision.

QQUIP aimed to help answer three fundamental questions about healthcare:

  • What is the current state of quality and performance?
    QQUIP chartbooks collate selected charts and bring them together with commentary on the policy context to offer a snapshot of quality and performance.
  • What works to improve quality and performance?
    A series of evidence-based reviews written by international leaders in quality improvement research assess the effectiveness of a wide range of interventions designed to improve the quality of healthcare. These 13 reports draw upon international literature and published evidence. 
  • Are we getting value for money from what is spent on the NHS?
    Reports from teams at the University of York and the London School of Economics assess how the extra investment has been spent in the NHS and whether we are getting value for money from what we spend. This analysis provides valuable and unique insights for policy-makers into efficient and effective resource allocation. 

Evidence remains at the heart of everything we do at the Health Foundation and we are building on the very best elements of the QQUIP programme in our current research and development work. 

QQUIP reports are all available for download, please see our research reports.

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