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Welcome to the Health Foundation's blog. As well as comment and opinion from our staff, we also have contributions from people we have worked with over the years. Please contribute to the debates and ideas by posting comments on blogs that you find interesting.

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Healthcare and the collapse of RBS

Stephen Thornton 16 December 2011
Exactly who is to blame for the collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland, and what has that got to do with healthcare? Reading this week's papers you could be forgiven for thinking that the fault lay so...
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HSJ100: no change at the top?

Stephen Thornton 09 December 2011
I attended the Health Service Journal’s HSJ100 event on Wednesday night. That rather silly occasion in the calendar when HSJ Editor Alastair McLellan announces the list of those said to be most ...
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Shared decision making: time to act now!

Stephen Thornton 07 December 2011
All the right rhetoric but none of the right actions. That was my instant response to Secretary of State Andrew Lansley's speech today at Guy's Hospital. Excellent to hear a Secretary of State speak ...
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Have I been getting it wrong all along?

Bethan Graf 06 December 2011
One evening last year, I was sitting with James discussing the NHS and our roles within it over a pint of Guinness. He was one of the hospital managers of the trust I was working at and, bef...
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