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Good outcomes? Bad outcomes? Let patients define value

Jeremy Taylor 27 January 2014
‘The fundamental goal of healthcare is to increase value. We must define value as the outcomes that matter to patients divided by the cost of achieving those outcomes.’ This is the central...
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Shifting from counting what is measured to measuring what counts

Kallur Suresh 24 January 2014
The health service is awash with data – data about performance, processes, outcomes, staff and patients. There is a centrally dictated requirement to measure certain aspects of care, such as wai...
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The Self Care NHS Trust – the future for NHS Choices?

Jo Bibby 14 January 2014
The new year started with a clear warning about the impact on the NHS of rising numbers of people living with long-term conditions: the costs of delivering current models of care are increasingly reco...
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Human factors: the way forward in healthcare and the personal price of failure on a 12 year old

Martin Bromiley 19 December 2013
2013 has seen a continued recognition of the critical role that human factors plays in safety science. But although aligned with the ‘safety agenda’, human factors offers so much more to a...
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Constant learning, continuous improvement – lessons from Francis

Penny Pereira 18 December 2013
2013 will go down as a year when the NHS did a lot of soul searching. In February, Sir Robert Francis QC published his report following the Mid Staffordshire Public Inquiry. The Inquiry uncovered a t...
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