The Health Foundation’s programme of work on health policy and economic analysis complements our existing portfolio of grants to improve front-line care, research on the evidence for improvement, and fellowships to build skills to improve services. We want to ensure that public policy development is informed by impartial analysis and evidence and that health policy maintains or improves quality in the short term, transforms NHS care for the medium to long term and achieves financial balance.

A glazier or a window breaker?

Secretaries of State are either ‘glaziers or window breakers’. Such was one of the more printable conclusions by one of 10 former Secretaries of State for Health interviewed in a rollicking read by...


Dr Jennifer Dixon

What do we know today that we didn’t yesterday?

Right. Let me level with you: I started writing this blog – about what the election result has told us about the shape of future health policy – prior to the polls closing. I’ve since deleted every...


Richard Taunt

A mountain to climb for NHS finances

With the general election in full swing the NHS has been much in the news, and attention is turning to money. In the short-term NHS finances are dire – NHS providers are projecting a combined defic...


Anita Charlesworth

NHS privatisation – what does it really mean?

In recent years there have been very few political debates on the NHS where the term 'privatisation' hasn’t popped up in some form or another. There have also been some strong statements in the med...


Emma Spencelayh

Does the Lefroy Bill ring a bell?

It went unnoticed in most quarters, but today the Health and Social Care (Safety and Quality) Bill passed through parliament. This Private Member’s Bill was put forward by Jeremy Lefroy MP, whos...


John Illingworth

Give productivity in the NHS a chance

The implication of the excellent briefing NHS finances – the challenge all political parties need to face is that 'all political parties' need to raise more tax. The logic is: the demands on the he...


Future funding of the NHS: a reckoning on taxation?

Simon Stevens is not a former SPAD for nothing. His presentation of the financial challenges facing the NHS in the Five Year Forward View was a masterpiece of political communication. The figure of...