The Star approach has great potential to help make better healthcare resource allocation decisions.

To get the most out of Star, planning is necessary before using the approach including:

  • collate as much of the necessary data as possible - further information can be found on the Star data collection and data gathering pages
  • be sure that relevant people who are organising the local use of the Star approach, understand the Star approach fully and that all steps of the Star approach will be included (more information about this can be found on the stages of the Star approach page)
  • have a sound understanding of the Star tool - the Star online demonstrations will give you an introduction to the tool
  • work with an experienced facilitator to guide you through the Star approach.

Facilitators should read Facilitating a Star workshop prior to running the workshops.

Further reading


Star: A tool for commissioners


Star – socio-technical allocation of resources – is a tool for commissioners.

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