Gold Line is part of the Power of people, our award-winning series of inspiring short films about life-changing health care innovation.

The Gold Line is a 24/7 telephone service for people in their last year of life. Run by nurses, this innovative service provides care and support for terminally ill patients and their families across Airedale, Wharfedale, Craven and Bradford. The care provided by the nurses running the helpline and the services they coordinate has meant that a significantly higher proportion of people have been able to die in the place of their choosing (usually at home) than the national average.

This emotive and powerful film about terminal illness highlights the experiences and depth of personal courage shown by the people and families who have been supported by the nurses from Gold Line.

In this section we find out a bit more about the story of Gold Line and the people involved in this project.

For more information, contact Dr Linda Wilson, Consultant in Palliative Medicine,  Associate Medical Director (Consent and Capacity), Airedale NHS Foundation Trust,


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Yes, you guessed it, though it might end in eugenics, murder or slavery, those forcing these conversions and death bed experiences were programmed, and so had no mensrae . Everybody for a while will have to be innocent. If Rolf Jenckel is seen to be innocent (and he must be) then his father whom I meet in my research because I became a tall poppy very quickly adding the death cult as a scalp to my skills as a researcher must also have been innocent in that they in history has no choice. I publish because it is a greater compulsion. Tim Baber

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