The Health Foundation is an independent charity working to continuously improve the quality of heatlhcare in the UK


In this section you’ll find content relating to learning that has come out of our programmes, as well as information about our work with networks. You can also access our research scan, where each month we scan published research on quality improvement and select the top articles.

How to help health care flow around winter pressures

Every year there seems to be a 'winter crisis' in A&E departments across the country. Making the ‘flow’ of people into and out of A&E more efficient is a big job but a potentially much better long term solution than emergency funding to increase the staffing capacity in A&E departments. We share some of the learning and resources from our Flow, Cost, Quality programme.

Resource centres

Our resource centres contain practical tools, best practice strategies, personal accounts and research evidence in the following two areas:

Research scan

Each month we scan hundreds of studies about how to improve the quality of healthcare. We pick out the ones we think are the most relevant and store them in our research scan database.

Journal article listing

We support and encourage our researchers and improvement programme participants to submit findings from their work to appropriate academic and professional journals. Our journal article listing provides details of journal articles arising from Health Foundation-funded work.

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