The Health Foundation is an independent charity working to continuously improve the quality of heatlhcare in the UK
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We produce a wide range of multimedia resources from webinars to animations and slideshows. They cover many different aspects of our work including innovative projects funded by the Health Foundation.

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Date added: 15 April 2014
Content type: Presentation
Presentation by Dr Jennifer Dixon, to the International Improvement Science and Research Symposium at the 2014 International Forum on Quality and Safe...
Date added: 11 April 2014
Content type: Presentation
This slide set looks at the performance of the NHS on the quality of patient care in all four UK countries since devolution.
Date added: 26 March 2014
Content type: Video/webinar
This webinar explores why context needs to be taken into consideration when attempting improvement, and what skills best help professionals to manage ...
Date added: 21 March 2014
Content type: Video/webinar
Dr Tim Ferris talks about the integrated care model of Partners HealthCare in the US and what it means for his organisation.
Date added: 10 February 2014
Content type: Video/webinar
Dr Alf Collins discusses how we don't currently measure what matters most to patients, and why that needs to change.
Date added: 03 February 2014
Content type: Video/webinar
Dympna Cunnane discusses her views on how healthcare leaders respond to the pressures of the job and their role in ensuring high quality, compassionat...
Date added: 30 January 2014
Content type: Video/webinar
Dr Jennifer Dixon discusses what she thinks are the best opportunities for the NHS in 2014, as well as what she thinks a 'good year' would look like.
Date added: 27 January 2014
Content type: Presentation
Professor Eugene Nelson talks through concepts and some cases to illustrate the importance of measuring what matters to patients.
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