Commenting on the report of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, Jo Bibby, Director of Health said:

‘The Sewell report rightly identifies the difference in health outcomes experienced by minority ethnic groups as an area of concern.

'Previous work by the Health Foundation has set out the evidence base to show that racial discrimination affects people’s life chances through, for example, restricting access to education and employment opportunities. As a consequence, some minority ethnic groups experience poorer socioeconomic circumstances which lead to poorer health outcomes. In addition, the stress associated with being discriminated against based on race/ethnicity directly affects mental and physical health through physiological pathways.

'This underlines the importance of the report’s recommendation for an independent body to work across government to improve healthy life expectancy across the UK and reduce inequalities. Doing so will require coordinated action across government to address the factors that have strongest influence on people’s health and wellbeing. These include having an adequate safety net, children’s services, housing, education and quality work, alongside addressing the consequences of all forms of discrimination and racism.’

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