Adam Roberts joined the Health Foundation in July 2014 as Senior Economics Fellow, exploring past, present and future trends for health care funding in the UK.

Before joining the Health Foundation, Adam was a Senior Research Analyst at the Nuffield Trust where he worked on projects including the project funding gap facing the NHS in England and Wales, allocation of national resources to GP practices, lifetime cost for social care, travel distances for emergency care, and trends community prescribing.

Prior to his time at the Nuffield Trust, Adam was responsible for the production of risk estimates of NHS organisations for the Care Quality Commission (and the former Healthcare Commission) to support the programme of targeted inspections. These estimates were generated by applying cutting edge methods to all relevant and available data sources, both quantitative and qualitative, to identify areas of possible concern for the commission to follow-up.

Adam graduated from Keele University in 2004 where he achieved a First Class Dual Honours Degree in Statistics and Economics.

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