• Q stands for quality. Q is a diverse and growing community of people, with experience and understanding of improvement, committed to improving the quality of health and care across the UK.
  • Following an intensive co-design process undertaken with 231 founding members last year, we are beginning to grow the community, with opportunities to join starting in the summer of 2016.

Q is an initiative, led by the Health Foundation and supported and co-funded by NHS Improvement, connecting people skilled in improvement across the UK.

Q will make it easier for people leading improvement to share ideas, enhance their skills and make changes that bring improvements to health and care. Q will cultivate the connections that are urgently needed to ensure patient care benefits from existing expertise and will lead innovations from across the health and care system.

Over time, Q will grow to be a community of thousands including those at the frontline of care, patient leaders, managers, researchers, policymakers and more. Our aim is connect a critical mass of people in order to accelerate improvements to the quality of care.

To ensure the design of Q meets the needs of those doing improvement work, we recruited a founding cohort of members to help design and test Q during 2015. This was arguably the largest co-design process undertaken in health. We are shortly publishing a report about our learning from the co-design process.

Now in delivery mode, we will be starting to grow the community from the summer of 2016. The opportunities to apply will be phased to ensure we can give proper attention to the large number of people expected to join. In the summer, as part of a pilot, applicants will be open to those with improvement expertise who:

  • bring a patient’s or carer’s perspective and are working predominately at a national level
  • the alumni of a number of identified improvement courses and
  • those working in identified national organisations.

We will be opening recruitment more widely from autumn 2016 and we are working with regional improvement organisations as part of the process.

While the community is very diverse, as part of the co-design process, we have set selection criteria to ensure there is sufficient shared understanding and experience of what it takes to make things better in health and care. Those who join Q will need to address the following criteria: (a) commitment to collaborative improvement, (b) experience of playing a role in efforts to improve quality and (c) ability to articulate and reflect on approaches used to improve quality.

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Co-designing Q from The Health Foundation on Vimeo.


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