• £4m programme to support ten project teams to implement and evaluate tested, evidence-based patient safety interventions at scale in health or health and social care.
  • Each project will receive up to £450,000 of funding over two years to support the implementation and evaluation of the work.
  • Projects were implemented by July 2014 and will run for a two years.

The projects represent a wide range of organisations and health care settings and will all demonstrate an impact on an identified patient safety hazard or problem. The proposed interventions for the projects have already been tested on a small scale and are evidence-based with a logical rationale for why they will address the identified patient safety problem/hazard for that project.

Due to the range of skills and experience required (such as quality improvement, evaluation and clinical/service expertise), the projects are being delivered by a group of organisations working together. Each project includes at least one organisation that can influence wider practice and opinion.

The types of project currently being funded include:

  • approaches to build skills in improving patient safety
  • interventions to improve reliability of clinical care
  • creating the conditions for the delivery of safer care.

Applications for this programme are now closed.