• Every year the Health Foundation evaluates NHS financial performance and efficiency in recent financial years.
  • Research and analysis conducted internally by the Health Foundation.
  • An area of ongoing research on the topic with an annual report.
  • Latest report published in April 2015.

Under a difficult financial climate where the population is growing and ageing rapidly, in addition to an increasing demand for health services and the rising cost of technology, understanding how the NHS invests and spends its funding becomes crucial.  To address this, we will evaluate the NHS’s efficiency and financial performance on annual basis as part of an ongoing research programme.

We publish the findings of this research on annual basis. 2015’s report, Hospital finances and productivity: in a critical condition?, examined NHS financial performance and efficiency in recent financial years using providers’ financial accounts. The report set out recent trends in funding and spending in the NHS and aimed to identify the main areas of cost pressures and the underlying causes of the NHS financial position. It used econometric and statistical methods to assess NHS productivity and how it has changed in recent years. 

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For more information about this project, please contact Sarah Lafond.

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