The Health Foundation is working with Dr Harry Rutter from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to explore the challenges inherent in the generation and use of evidence for population health improvement, and make the case for change.

Biomedical science has transformed our understanding of what does and doesn’t work in clinical treatments, but it is not always able to answer the more complex challenges of population health.

This project will explore these challenges, bringing together an international expert group to write a consensus statement on the nature of the problem, and potential mechanisms to address it, starting with a focus on the generation and use of evidence from research.

This project will convene a group of global experts in September 2016 to define the nature of these problems and identify the broad thrust of the required solutions. This will be followed up with a process of wider stakeholder engagement, and the development of a programme of work to create a new model of evidence to drive meaningful and effective action in both policy and practice.


Eberhard Goepel

This is a very timely initiative. Is there a more detailed publication available yet?

Catronia Toms

Similar to above I would be very keen to see the outcomes of this work

Sara Demain

Ditto - very interested to read the outcomes of this work

Dr Teresa D'Oliveira

I really like this complex systems approach and the systems modelling.

Kenye Karemo

Interesting initiative - well done.

Like colleagues above, would value sight of the final report.

Please advise if this will be possible and how.

Thank you, Kenye Karemo.

Daniel Townsend

Hello, I am very interested in the final report for this project. How can I access it? Thanks!

Clara Morrish

Hi Daniel,
This project has received further funding and you can find out about the progress on this new project page:
Best wishes,
Clara, Communications team at the Health Foundation

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