Insight 2014: The repurposing of clinical data for quality improvement in critical care

East of England
This project led by the University of Cambridge, focusing on five critical care units in England and aims to explore how data routinely captured in clinical information systems (CIS) can be repurposed to support care quality improvement initiatives.

Insight 2014: Data linkage across ambulance services and acute trusts: assessing the potential for improving patient care

This project, led by the London Ambulance Service, aims to link hospitals and ambulance service data to support improvements in patient care.

Insight 2014: Data integration for hospital unit quality monitoring and improvement

This project, led by King’s College London, focuses on the emergency department and the older person’s unit at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and aims to improve the monitoring of quality and performance within hospital units.

Insight 2014: Combining physiological and biomedical data into a novel computer-aided risk score to support near real-time clinical decision-making

Yorkshire and the Humber
This project, led by the University of Bradford, is focusing on adult emergency admissions at two hospitals in the Yorkshire & Humberside region. It aims to reduce preventable deaths by making risk an integral part of clinical decision making.

Paul Smeeton, GenerationQ fellow

Paul joined the NHS in 1986 working in Information Services. In 2003, he won an IM&T leadership award for his work at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. He has always contributed to the wider development of the organisations he has worked in, beyond his specialist role of informatics. In...