Improving cancer patient experience with a multidisciplinary palliative assessment and radiotherapy clinic

South west England
Run by University Hospital Southampton, in partnership with the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton. Will focus on the care of cancer patients. Aiming to improve the experience and care of cancer patients by combining assessment by palliative care and clinical oncol...

Using electronic data to identify bottlenecks in secondary care at weekends and improve patient flow

Run by Royal Derby Hospital, in partnership with the University of Nottingham. Focused on patients being treated in secondary care during weekends. Aiming to remove weekend bottlenecks on medical wards at the acute hospital and so improve patient flow.   Will embed a clinical epidemiolog...

Stabilising sleep for patients admitted at acute crisis to psychiatric hospital: a pilot randomised controlled trial

South east England
The project involves treating sleep problems using the latest evidence-based techniques and technologies, with three key elements: state-of-the-art sleep monitoring devices to promote patient discussion about their sleep; regulation of the body clock through the timing of light and darkness; and ...

Developing a model of recognition and rescue of the deteriorating patient across community settings

This project aimed to improve and standardise the early recognition of deteriorating patients in the community setting to allow timely intervention and treatment.

MyDay@QEHB: a personalised schedule of care events for inpatients

Led by University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, with support from the University of Birmingham, this project focused on inpatients within the Trust and aimed to have a positive impact on length of stay and timeliness of interventions for inpatients – improving patient experience, ser...

Virtual integrated clinic: a post-discharge follow-up service

Led by University Hospital of North Staffordshire in partnership with Stoke Clinical Commissioning Group, this project aimed to provide more effective integration between primary and secondary care for patients being discharged from hospital. The team set up a virtual clinic, staffed by a GP and ...

My discharge: getting discharge right for someone with dementia

Led by Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, this project aimed to give every patient with dementia a safe, dignified, timely and sustainable discharge. The team developed a proactive case-management model for discharging patients with dementia, with a specialist dementia occupational therapist...

Preparing, optimising and reducing trauma in cardiac operations (PORTICO)

East of England
Led by Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, this project aimed to reduce stress for older patients going through cardiac surgery and to enable them to return to normal functioning as soon as possible. The team introduced an enhanced recovery care pathway to optimise the condition of older pati...

Ambulatory haematological cancer service

Yorkshire and the Humber
Led by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Sheffield School of Health and Related Research, this project aimed to develop ambulatory care treatment pathways for blood cancer patients to reduce length of inpatient stay, minimise delays in treatment delivery and en...

Heart failure admission prevention

Led by University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust, this project aimed to reduce demand for inpatient beds for heart failure patients, while also maintaining and improving quality of care and clinical effectiveness.  The team set up a heart failure day clinic to provide specialist clinic...