Niladri Ghosal, GenerationQ Fellow

Niladri Ghosal is a Consultant Oncologist at the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre, which serves a population of over 700,000 through three large district general hospitals. His clinical role is leading treatment teams that manage patients with lung, breast and brain cancers. Other roles in the...

Rina Dutta, Clinician Scientist Fellow

Dr Rina Dutta has a PhD in Psychological Medicine and Psychiatry. Her specialism is general psychiatry with sub-specialisation in liaison psychiatry

Simon Mackenzie, Quality Improvement Fellow

Simon Mackenzie is Divisional Medical Director for University Hospitals Division, NHS Lothian. He has a long involvement in quality improvement and is responsible for healthcare governance in one of the largest providers of secondary and tertiary care in the UK. In 1992, Simon was appointed as...

Patient record access: turning it on, sharing the learning

Led by the NHS Alliance in partnership with InHealth Associates, NHS Lewisham, NHS Berkshire East PCT, the Royal College of GPs, and Diabetes UK, this project aimed to change the dynamic between the NHS and its service users, and between the individual and their health workers, by initiating a so...

Provide the right information, at the right time for the right patient, every time

Run by a team at NHS Lothian, this project aimed to create safe and reliable systems for managing the flow of information about patients, ensuring that all the necessary information about patients was available to staff working in outpatient clinics. The team established that multiple sets of not...

Safer handovers across the health economy

North west England
Led by a joint team from NHS Bolton and Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, this project focused was on improving the handover of information about patients moving through different stages of care and treatment. The team used a range of tools to identify areas of potential harm and introd...