The Health Foundation’s MAGIC (Making good decisions in collaboration) improvement programme aimed to support clinical teams in primary and secondary care to embed shared decision making with patients in their everyday practice. The programme developed and tested practical solutions that support patients to make informed and considered decisions about their own care and treatment.

This learning report is based on seven improvement stories developed by the Office for Public Management (OPM) as part of their evaluation of the first phase of the programme. The stories draw on a series of interviews with clinicians and patients carried out by the evaluation team and present the experiences of both primary care and hospital-based teams.

The stories explore the participants’ experiences of the MAGIC programme, and of implementing shared decision making in practice. Each story explains:

  • why the team wanted to take part in the programme
  • what they did
  • what improvements they saw as a result
  • the challenges they encountered, and how they dealt with them.

Each ends with a short section on useful tips drawn from the teams’ experiences.

Additional person-centred care resources

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Further reading

MAGIC: Shared decision making

MAGIC worked with frontline health care professionals in various clinical settings on different ways of encouraging shared decision making and spreading learning across the health care community.


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