• Realising the Value was an 18-month programme that aimed to consolidate what is known about person- and community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing, and make recommendations on how they can have maximum impact.
  • This final report from the programme draws together the key learning and recommendations from the programme.
  • It puts forward ten key actions - focused both on what should be done and how people need to work differently.

Download Realising the value: ten key actions to put people and communities at the heart of health and wellbeing.

This is the final report of the Realising the Value programme, an 18-month programme funded by NHS England and led by Nesta and the Health Foundation. The programme was set up to support the NHS Five Year Forward View vision to develop a new relationship with people and communities. The programme sought to enable the health and care system to support people to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to play an active role in managing their own health and to work with communities and their assets.

This report sets out the key learning and recommendations from the programme, based on what we think it means to realise fully the value of people and communities at the heart of health and wellbeing.

Our recommendations include both what should be done and how people need to work differently. We believe that significant progress can be made through the following 10 actions:

What needs to happen

  1. Implement person- and community-centred ways of working across the system, using the best available tools and evidence.
  2. Develop a simplified outcomes framework, focused on what matters to people.
  3. Continue to learn by doing, alongside further research.
  4. Make better use of existing levers such as legislation, regulation and accountability.
  5. Trial new outcomes-based payment mechanisms and implement them as part of wider national payment reform.

How people need to work differently

  1. Enable health and care professionals and the wider workforce to understand and work in person- and community-centred ways.
  2. Develop strong and sustained networks as an integral part of implementation.
  3. Value the role of people and communities in their health and wellbeing, including through co-production, volunteering and social movements for health.
  4. Make greater use of behavioural insights to increase effectiveness and uptake.
  5. Support a thriving and sustainable voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, working alongside people, families, communities and the health and care system.

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