In the run up to the 2015 general election, Three tests for a credible health policy outlines the actions politicians need to take to maintain and improve the quality of care both now and for the future.

NHS services are at risk. There have been significant advances in the quality of care over the last 15 years. But this progress is starting to unravel in some areas, highlighted by our joint QualityWatch programme with the Nuffield Trust.

To really understand whether the political parties’ health policies meet this challenge, it is essential for politicians to demonstrate how their proposals pass our three tough tests:

  • Will the policies maintain or improve quality in the short term?
  • Will the policies transform NHS care for the medium to long term?
  • Will the policies achieve financial balance?

These three tests are tough but right. Failing to meet any one of them would have serious consequences for the NHS and the care patients receive.

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