There is growing recognition of the importance of quality improvement in general practice. But what is the extent of knowledge and usage of quality improvement tools and approaches across the UK, and how can we embed a culture of improvement?

Our report explores the level of quality improvement awareness, appetite and activity in general practice across the UK.

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The Health Foundation commissioned the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to survey over 2,300 GPs and 1,400 practice managers across the UK, alongside qualitative interviews. 

The research shows that most GPs and practice managers see quality improvement as a core aspect of their work, with 99% reporting undertaking QI activities, and many working collaboratively with neighbouring practices to improve services. 

However, there are many issues making it difficult to deliver improvement, including high patient demand and staff shortages; demands of other NHS agencies; lack of protected time; and level of improvement capability.  

The report highlights the need for practices to create an environment conducive to quality improvement, where: 

  • all staff are encouraged to learn about and participate in improvement  
  • time is protected for undertaking QI activities, outside of daily roles 
  • there is greater collaboration between practices, such as formal partnerships to identify and address capability gaps. 

Policymakers and system leaders have a responsibility to support those working in general practice to improve the quality of the services they provide by helping: 

  • staff to develop quality improvement and data skills 
  • practices carve out time for quality improvement.

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Gosling J, Mays N, Erens B, Reid D, Taylor W, Jones B. Quality improvement in general practice. Health Foundation; 2019. (

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