184 and counting…

Achieving cultural change will take more than a list of initiatives. In his statement to parliament on Wednesday (9 March), the Secretary of State for Health remarked that there are two importan...


John Illingworth

300 inspirational stories of improvement

‘So what kind of improvements do you fund?’ Two years into my time at the Health Foundation, you’d have thought that I’d be quite good at answering this question. But how do you capture a 12 year h...


Bryan Jones

A chain reaction? Anticipating the Dalton review

The Danish physicist Niels Bohr allegedly observed that it’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future. Hard but not impossible: the Five Year Forward View has already made a big impact...


Tim Gardner

A failed firebreak

The firebreak is not enough and the plan is unravelling at frightening speed. All parts of the NHS must work together if the cataclysmic financial storm is to be survived...


Anita Charlesworth

A fork in the road: the Enhanced Tariff Option

It’s been an important couple of weeks for the finance departments of all providers of NHS services. Following objections from 13% of commissioners, and 75% of relevant NHS providers by share of su...


Adam Roberts