We’ve created Chart of the month – a visual look at some of today’s most intriguing health and health care trends.

Each month we shine a light on key health and health care trends, analyse the data and explore the implications for those in health care policy and at the frontline. 

Chart: The changing geography of NHS deficits

March 2016 Chart of the month. The financial position of NHS providers in England has substantially deteriorated in recent years, falling from a net surplus of £577m in 2012/13 to a net deficit of ...


Chart: Productivity in the NHS

February 2016 Chart of the month. Between 2009/10 and 2014/15, hospital productivity increased by 1.0%, at an average rate of 0.19% per year.


Chart: Public spending on health in the UK

January 2015 chart of the month. This interactive chart shows how, since the NHS was established in 1948, public funding for health care has increased by more than both inflation and economic growt...