The Realising the Value programme conducted analysis of the evidence for person-centred and community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing, working with five frontline sites across England, and published tools, recommendations and economic modelling to show how they can be successfully implemented. It concluded that that person- and community- centred approaches are pivotal to improving health and wellbeing outcomes.

The programme was commissioned by NHS England to help deliver the NHS Five Year Forward View, and led by The Health Foundation and Nesta.

Economic modelling tool

The Realising the Value programme developed a tool to help commissioners understand the impact of person- and community-centred approaches into practice. The programme was commissioned by NHS Engla...

Realising the Value

Realising the Value was funded by NHS England and led by Nesta and the Health Foundation, working in partnership with Voluntary Voices, the Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle Universit...