Star – socio-technical allocation of resources – is a new approach to priority setting,
to help commissioners and those planning services to allocate their health
resources to benefit patients in their community.

Together with the London School of Economics (LSE), the Health Foundation has
developed the Star approach that combines value for money analysis with stakeholder
engagement, where an Excel-based tool is used alongside a facilitated stakeholder workshop.

The background to Star

The current healthcare landscape demands that those who plan or commission services - at local, regional, or national level - provide high quality health and social services that offer good value f...

About Star

Star is an innovative approach to support commissioners and other healthcare stakeholders to make resource allocation decisions. The components of the Star approach are an Excel-based technical too...

Star online demonstration

As described in the role of the Excel-based Star tool in the Star approach, the Star tool is only one part of the Star approach. It will lose its powerful potential if it is used without a Star dec...

Getting the best from Star

The Star approach has great potential to help make better healthcare resource allocation decisions. To get the most out of Star, planning is necessary before using the approach including: ...

Find out more about Star

Share your experience of Star Star is an approach that has evolved over time, and the research has been repeatedly tested and fine-tuned. As Star is more widely used, we would like to find out h...


See the Twitter account for the Star tool.