The Efficiency Research Programme will open for applications at the end of July 2018.   

  • The Efficiency Research Programme is an open call for innovative research ideas into system efficiency and sustainability in health and social care.
  • Up to £500,000 will be available for three to five experienced research teams for projects completed over three to five years.

The programme aims to research ideas on the new ways of thinking that generate new knowledge with a focus on labour market productivity and workforce retention within health care and social care. 

We support research teams to explore ways that health, or health and social care services can address the challenge of increasing efficiency and value for money, and providing more for less. 

There are four key priority areas for this programme:

  • allocative efficiency: achieving a more cost-effective mix of services within health and social care services to maximise the health of the UK
  • aligning incentives: generating the greatest pull to improve efficiency and value for money
  • technology and workforce: optimising the role of technology and the workforce to improve efficiency
  • diffusion of best practice: optimising the spread and diffusion of efficient practice in health and social care services