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Social exclusion
An easily accessible, reliable and affordable transport system provides access to work, education and services, and enables social participation.

Key stats

of unemployed people turned down a job or decided not to apply for a job due to transport-related problems.
of people who currently commute to work using a private vehicle believe that it would be difficult to find an alternative mode of transport.
1 in 3
people who commute by public transport, walking or cycling experience transport difficulties.

An easily accessible, reliable and affordable transport system contributes to our life satisfaction and wellbeing in multiple ways. It helps to connect us to friends and family, as well as enabling us to access facilities that support our health, such as schools, colleges, parks, libraries and – more directly – health care centres. 

Barriers to people using public transport vary geographically, and across demographic groups, but they all have the power to make it hard – or completely impossible – for people to access essential aspects of day-to-day life. This can contribute to stress, fatigue, low mood and social exclusion.

The charts in this section explore trends and inequalities in social exclusion and transport.

Trends and inequalities in social exclusion and transport

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