Amrit Sachar

Consultant Psychiatrist

Location: London

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Organisation: West London Mental Health Trust


About me

Amrit is a GenerationQ Fellow and Consultant Psychiatrist, West London Mental Health Trust.

Dr Amrit Sachar completed her MRCPsych in 2001 and has been a consultant liaison psychiatrist at West London Mental Health Trust since 2005.

She is the mental health representative on the North West London Whole Systems Integrated Care Pioneer Site’s Expert Advisory Group, and was psychiatry course lead at Imperial Medical School for seven years.

Since July 2014, she has been interim clinical lead for liaison psychiatry services.

As clinical lead within an emerging service line, Amrit is helping to shape a major reconfiguration of services within the trust towards a clinical leadership model. This model means that senior clinicians will be responsible for operations and financial stability, as well as quality. Amrit explains: ‘This approach is challenging people’s views on how the organisation should be run, and so part of my role as a supporter of this structure is to influence sceptical colleagues about how this might improve the things they care about.’

As a GenerationQ fellow, Amrit hopes to focus on workforce development, an area of particular interest to her: ‘I would like to demonstrate that empowering the workforce and trusting them within given parameters to experiment has a positive impact on quality.

‘I aim to introduce structures to help to identify people’s development needs in a meaningful way, which makes them feel that they have a vital role in the strategic direction of the organisation, and help them to implement this.’

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