Andrew Cruickshank

Improvement Clinical Director/Head of Nursing for QI

Location: London

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Organisation: East London NHS Foundation Trust


About me

Andrew is a GenerationQ Fellow and Associate Clinical Director and Head of Nursing for Quality Improvement, East London NHS Foundation Trust.

Andrew is an experienced mental health nurse who has held several management positions within East London NHS Foundation Trust.

In his current role as Associate Clinical Director he oversees the delivery of safe, high-quality inpatient mental health care for the borough of Tower Hamlets. Since taking up the post, he has successfully engaged senior clinicians to improve the delivery of patient-centred care. In his other role as Head of Nursing for Quality Improvement, Andrew focuses on patient flow, recovery and reducing violence and restrictive practices.

He leads on a project that aims to reduce violence within inpatient units: ‘We have used a collaborative approach that has engaged large numbers of staff in this work and given them a forum to explore processes and whether their changes are improvements.’

Andrew is interested in how improvement work can be used to engage not only individual staff teams, but organisations. Through GenerationQ he hopes to learn more about how to work this way in other contexts, across organisational boundaries and in situations where there are inevitable tensions and competing priorities: ‘I hope to be able to learn how to use myself and colleagues to embed a culture of quality improvement and to learn how to extend this to our partner organisations.’

A specific interest for Andrew is around reducing conflict and violence within psychiatric inpatient care: ‘I like to engage clinical services, partner organisations, voluntary services and service user groups to find ways of reducing hostility and violence within our services.’

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