Bola Owolabi Deputy Medical Director

Organisation: Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust

Location: Midlands

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About me

Bola is a GenerationQ Fellow and Deputy Medical Director at Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust.

Bola Owolabi has held various clinical and leadership roles during the course of her career, including GP Partner, Clinical Commissioning Group Clinical Lead and Clinical Director.

As Deputy Medical Director of Derbyshire Community Health Services (DCHS) NHS Foundation Trust, she is currently responsible for a wide range of clinical leadership activities, including managing the trust’s end-of-life care and frailty strategies, and encouraging a culture of continuous quality improvement.

Bola recently acted as clinical lead on a project to stabilise a medical centre in crisis, successfully introducing systems to ensure safe patient care. She is also leading on a key strategic initiative to ensure that 95% of all patients aged 75 years and older accessing in-patient and community services are assessed for frailty.

Driven to ensure the provision of safe, high-quality, person-centred care, Bola hopes that the GenerationQ programme will enable her to lead quality improvement more effectively: ‘I expect that I will learn how to do things differently rather than just working harder, be more self-aware of my impact as a leader and understand how to meaningfully engage with others at all levels in the wider system’.

She plans to apply her learning in her role as Clinical Lead for DCHS on a system-wide transformation programme. The aim is to better meet the complex needs of the ageing population through a system centred on people and communities, which includes the creation of ‘community hubs’. These will provide a focal point from which community-based services are provided and care is coordinated for people and professionals.

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