The Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health

Taking collective action to address the social determinants of health

  • As part of our aim to promote healthy lives for all, we have been working with partner organisations to establish a Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health to take collective action to address the social determinants of health.
  • The social determinants are the factors often outside people’s control that can impact on their health such as air quality, social circumstances, access to nutritious food, transport, housing, education and employment.
  • This initiative, which the Health Foundation is investing up to £15m in over the next seven years, aims to place action to address the social determinants of health at the heart of policy and practice in the UK.

Why are we doing this?

While much is known about the impact of social determinants on people’s health this has not translated into coherent policy action in the UK either nationally or locally.

This is in part due to the sheer scale and complexity of the agenda. The scale of these complex problems cannot be solved by one organisation or sector alone and need responses that reflect this complexity.

The thinking that underpins the Collaboration is based on a growing body of knowledge on how to achieve change in such complex systems, including 'Collective Impact' approaches, which is where a group of important 'actors' from different sectors commit to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem.

Our partners

The Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health partner organisations are:

During 2019 and 2020, the Health Foundation and our Collaboration partners will be working together to define our programme of work in this area.

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