This project is under way, and will run until December 2020.

  • This is a pilot programme to support Directors of Public Health to have more impact, as system leaders, on the wider determinants of health.
  • It will help Directors of Public Health to build knowledge and skills, as well as garner deeper insight into policy areas across their local system.
  • Participants will access leaders from other local government policy areas, enabling them to broaden their influence and promote health in all policies.
  • The programme is being piloted in London initially in 2019/20 and may be rolled out more widely in the future.

The return of public health responsibilities to local government has created new opportunities for Directors of Public Health to act as local system leaders, influencing a range of factors that impact on people’s health. One of the Health Foundation’s broader aims is that local government will have a more effective approach to promoting health in all policies.

The Health Foundation wants to support Directors of Public Health in their role as champions of the health in all policies approach. This ambitious goal means Directors’ messages must resonate beyond the health policy community and mobilise action across sectors.

Before developing this pilot programme, a number of Directors of Public Health took part in interviews designed to understand the type of support that would be most useful. The programme will take the form of a series of facilitated workshops, drawing on the collective experience of the Directors of Public Health in the groups, as well as senior practitioners from other local government policy areas.

The aim is to create a safe learning space for participants to discuss current opportunities and challenges around influencing the wider determinants of health. It will give participants greater knowledge and insight into policy areas across their local system, tools and techniques for more effective influence and allow them to reflect on how best to frame arguments about the wider determinants of health.

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