An open-source suite to enable and advance analyst engagement in Population Health Management Healthier Together (Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership)

This project is under way, and will run until December 2021.

  • Run by Healthier Together (Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership), in partnership with the University of Bristol.
  • Aiming to help NHS organisations be self-sufficient when it comes to exploring components of Population Health Management such as population segmentation and risk stratification.
  • Will produce and disseminate an open-source suite that will enable analysts to produce the outputs they need.

Population Health Management (PHM) offers an approach whereby local health and care partnerships can use data to design new models of care and deliver improvements in health and wellbeing, making best use of resources. PHM is of increasing interest in the NHS as a tool for planning how health care services are delivered into the future.

This project will involve the production and dissemination of an R/Shiny-based open-source suite that enables users to independently explore the key components of PHM, such as population segmentation and risk stratification. It will be hosted publicly online, complete with user guides, documentation and illustrative data. It is envisaged that analysts will ‘point’ the tool at their own system’s data and produce the PHM outputs they need via the suite.

As a customisable tool, the suite will provide users with a purpose-built solution with outputs that align to strategic ambitions and inputs to real-life constraints such as data availability.

The suite will promote self-sufficiency in the NHS when it comes to PHM, and the project team believe it will engage, encourage and empower analysts to keep pace with the exciting future of PHM-based health care.

The main objective is to produce a tool for widespread dissemination throughout the NHS. Once the tool is complete, it will be promoted through networks and groups, and through social media and online forums.


For more information about this project, please contact Dr Richard Wood, System Analytics Lead, Healthier Together.

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