This project is under way, and will run until May 2021.

  • Being led by the Bromley by Bow Centre with Bromley by Bow Heath.
  • Aiming to embed evidence and learning from previous research within practices at both Bromley by Bow in East London and externally.
  • A new outcomes framework will be developed and embedded, and an accompanying suite of evaluation and analytical tools, which can be used by other organisations involved in place-based and asset-based work.

The Bromley by Bow Centre has helped people in East London for 35 years through a holistic and easily accessible range of services. The centre’s first GP practice opened 20 years ago, with the aim of improving health provision through an integrated service based on addressing the wider social determinants of health.

A two-year research project, ‘Unleashing Healthy Communities’, was completed in 2018. It looked at the role, function and impact of the Bromley by Bow model and a theory of change was developed.

This Evidence into Practice project aims to embed and implement the key evidence, learning and resources from this research within practices at both Bromley by Bow and other organisations from a variety of different sectors.

A 100-day challenge will kick-start the development and embedding of a new outcomes framework. This will involve building ownership across organisations and encouraging joint decision-making; building consensus on the key outcome indicators; choosing and refining person-centred evaluation tools with community members and practitioners; and embedding real-time analysis and reflection.

The new outcomes framework will be service delivery practitioner-led. These practitioners include health and social care professionals, and those involved in delivering services that affect the social determinants of health, such as employment support, advice and information, learning, and community artists.

The outcomes framework will be adaptable for other organisations that are involved in place-based and asset-based work, and will include narratives on the indicators, and creative evaluation tools and analytical systems. A suite of reflective tools will accompany the framework.

Through the dissemination of this work, the aim is for other organisations to increase their capacity and skills to use data to learn, and to measure what matters to themselves and their community.

Contact details

For more information, please contact Dan Hopewell, Director of Knowledge and Innovation, Bromley by Bow Centre.

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Evidence into Practice

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