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NuRS and AmReS: nurse and ambulance workforce retention and safety

Research project

Two research projects exploring the underlying drivers of nursing and ambulance workforce retention in the NHS. Will use ‘big data’ techniques to analyse multiple variables and their effect on staff r...

Improving acute cardiac care of patients with renal disease through linkage of national audits in the UK

Research project

Project aiming to improve acute cardiology care for people with reduced kidney function by investigating national variations in patient management, using analysis of linked data from NICOR and UKRR.

Predictive modelling of major trauma PROMs using machine learning

Research project

Project aiming to improve care for major trauma patients by quality assuring rehabilitation alongside acute care. Will link major trauma PROMs to national clinical audit data to enable the constructio...

Improving the QUALity and value of care for people with Poor Prognosis Cancers (I-qual-PPC)

Research project

A project aiming to improve care standards for people with poor prognosis cancers in Scotland, using real-world data from national and regional datasets along with patient- and carer-reported experien...

Improving the success of complex technology-supported change: digitisation and empirical testing of the NASSS-CAT tools

Research project

A project by the University of Oxford that will involve the co-design of electronic versions of the NASSS-CAT tools to support implementation and evaluation of digital health projects, such as virtual...

Translating research findings into actionable insights for service staff, system leaders and local policy makers

Research project

A project that is aiming to ensure that lessons learned from research using linked datasets are translated for policy makers, to increase their understanding of local service users, and so improve dec...

Practitioner led evidence at Bromley by Bow

Research project

This project is aiming to embed evidence and learning from previous research within practices at both Bromley by Bow in East London and with other organisations throughout the UK.

Facilitating end user involvement and uptake of PathSimR

Research project

This project is aiming to promote and embed the use of PathSimR, an open source tool designed to model patient flow and capacity.

Children’s places: how they can shape health and influence social and economic outcomes

Research project

Project by Imperial College London that aims to understand how the health of secondary school children in the UK is influenced by the characteristics of the physical and virtual places in which they s...

Health of Older People in Places (HOPE)

Research project

A research project focusing on whether the proportion of older individuals in a place with good health is associated with better labour market-related social and economic outcomes in those places.

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