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We fund hundreds of improvement and research projects around the UK looking for ways to improve the quality of health services


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Relational continuity for general practice patients with new and changing symptoms

Improvement project

This project use data analysis to identify healthy patients with new or changing symptoms who may benefit from continuity, and will implement operational systems that support people to achieve continu...

How well do I know and trust my doctor?

Improvement project

This project involves introducing team-based models of primary care in which micro-teams take responsibility for a group of patients and share their care.

Continuity by design

Improvement project

This project aims to help patients to develop a therapeutic relationship with their preferred clinician by introducing micro-teams and implementing systems that match clinical capacity to demand.

Improving continuity of care for patients in South Cumbria

Improvement project

This project will involve identifying, testing and implementing practical and digital innovations (such as micro-teams, online consulting methods, and consistent coding and record keeping) across mult...

Continuity counts

Improvement project

This project will introduce interventions including a continuity toolkit, measurement methods and promotional materials that will increase commitment to continuity in practice staff and patients.

Developing a versatile tool for modelling pathway capacity in NHS organisations

Improvement project

This project will involve developing a versatile pathway tool that will allow NHS managers to understand and model patient flow, and so improve understanding of how care pathways are performing.

System-wide early warning tool for acute pathways based on actionable intelligence

Improvement project

This project involved implementing a system-wide early warning tool for acute pathways that will allow better response planning, using advanced data analysis techniques.

Mind the gap: developing effective communications between decision-makers and analysts in health and care

Improvement project

This project aims to close the gap between decision-makers and analysts in health care organisations by developing a framework and a set of recommendations to improve communication and the transfer of...

Building analyst capabilities to demonstrate the value of connected health and council data

Improvement project

This project will involve using an existing linked dataset to explore two domains – social isolation and troubled families – and show how connected data can enhance insight.

Can interactive data visualisation help clinicians improve patient care?

Improvement project

This project aims to improve the way in which data visualisation is used by clinicians so that it can lead to improvements in quality of care, and will explore clinicians’ requirements of data tools a...

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