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  • The Institute for the Future of Work (IFOW) is an independent, UK-based charitable trust.
  • The Health Foundation is supporting the IFOW’s project to develop, promote and apply their Charter for Good Work through a wide-ranging stakeholder engagement programme, including media content, consultations and engagement with young people.
  • The aim of the project is to broaden the narrative around the concept of ‘good work’ by, in particular, promoting the connection between good work, healthy living and an inclusive economy.

The IFOW builds on the Parliamentary Commission on the Future of Work 2016/17, which indicated that the new technological revolution is behind the most challenging social and economic trends affecting work in the UK.

The IFOW’s mission is to help people, organisations and government act to make work better and fairer through this ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (4IR), which is shaping work, lives, and social and economic systems.

The IFOW’s Charter for Good Work is a framework designed to encourage commitment and fresh-thinking about how to protect the fundamental components of good work through the 4IR.

This collaborative stakeholder engagement project is based on the Charter, with reference to the Health Foundation’s Healthy Lives Strategy. It comes at a critical time for the UK, which is experiencing the double disruption of Brexit and the 4IR, and needs to create a new vision for the future of work.

The project aims to develop and apply the Charter in order to invite fresh thinking; embed good health through good work; and identify practical solutions to make work fairer and better. It will promote a human-centred approach that supports broader gains in health, wellbeing and the reduction of in-work poverty.

Activities will centre on stakeholder engagement and communications, and will bring together the collective expertise of the Health Foundation and the IFOW, to increase understanding of the connections between good work and good health at an individual level; good work and increased productivity; and good work and an inclusive, healthy economy.

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