Our programmes test out new ideas for improving the quality of health care and fund research


Our aim is to take the best ideas and encourage uptake throughout the NHS, and publish research findings that will be useful to both policy and practice.

Insight Research Programme 2017


This £1.6 million programme is funding five projects that will research the development and use of data as a mechanism for improving health care quality. It is closed for applications. 

Insight Research Programme 2019

Opens Apr 2019

This £1.6 million programme will fund projects that research the development and use of data as a mechanism for improving health care quality. Applications open in April 2019. 

MAGIC: Shared decision making


This programme ran in two phases, from 2010 to 2013, at sites across Newcastle and Cardiff. It involved working on ways of encouraging shared decision making and spreading learning across the health c...

Patient and Family-centred Care


This programme, in partnership with The King's Fund, worked with 11 organisations to bring about sustainable improvement in patients' experience.

Policy Challenge Fund


This programme offered £450,000 to six projects during 2016. The projects aimed to generate insight to support and inform policy makers on important issues in UK health policy. It is closed for applic...



This programme ran from June 2009 to December 2010. The PRIMO process was co-designed and tested in a dispensary at Hereford, before being tested more widely in diverse health care settings.

Q Exchange


Activating ideas together through Q's new funding programme

Safer Clinical Systems


A programme that ran in two phases from 2008 to 2013. It helped health care teams to proactively identify potential safety breaches, enabling them to build better, safer health care systems.

Safer Patients Initiative


This programme ran from 2004 to 2008 and 24 hospitals took part. It was the first major improvement programme to start addressing the issue of patient safety in the UK.

Safety Measurement and Monitoring


This £1.8 million programme began in December 2014. It involved four regional improvement bodies applying Professor Charles Vincent and colleagues' measurement and monitoring framework.

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