Below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the General practice quality indicators review. For more information about the Health Foundation, please read our organisational FAQs.

Is the Health Foundation being paid to carry out this review?

No, the Health Foundation is not being paid to carry out the review of general practice quality indicators. We are funding the review from the income generated by our endowment.

Why is the Health Foundation carrying out this review?

The Health Foundation is committed to improving the quality of health care in the UK. We welcome the opportunity to work with GPs and other interested parties to assess how existing information available on the quality of general practice in England could be complemented and developed in future to better support those in the NHS and wider health care. We believe that good data on quality is the cornerstone to making improvements in care quality. 

How will the Health Foundation engage with stakeholders in this review?

The Health Foundation is committed to engaging a range of organisations and individuals to inform the review including NHS professionals and their representative organisations, patient and carer groups and the Department of Health’s arm’s-length bodies. For general inquiries about the review please contact the team via

The online consultation ran from 11am on Monday 20 July to 10am on Monday 24 August. 

Why is the review needed?

There have been several pieces of work examining how existing data collected in general practice could be developed as indicators of quality of care, and what might be priorities for future development. But this has not been brought together and considered across the different purposes for which indicators could be used, for example, to support general practice to improve, to inform the public, or to aid public accountability.

Detailed information about the quality of care provided by general practice is variable in quality, not comprehensive and can become out of date quickly. All of this limits the usefulness of the data to professionals and also the public. A key part of the review will be to consider how information could be complemented and developed in future to give a better picture of the quality of care, including identifying any gaps.  

Is the review independent of government?

Yes. While the Secretary of State has asked the Health Foundation to undertake the review, the work is independent of government. The Health Foundation is not being paid to carry out the review, and it has full control of the review’s findings and any recommendations it may make. A report will be published imminently. 

Are you producing a scorecard to rate general practices? 

No. The Health Foundation is not producing a scorecard and this has not been included in the review's terms of reference. The independent review is intended to inform thinking on how we can improve and develop the data available on primary care quality. 

Who is leading the review? 

The review is being led by the Health Foundation. We are an independent charity working to improve the quality of health care in the UK. 

The review is being led by our Chief Executive, Dr Jennifer Dixon and managed by Senior Policy Fellow Emma Spencelayh. As part of the engagement process the review is being assisted by a technical advisory group consisting of a range of experts. 

What will be done with the findings of the review? 

The review will inform the Department of Health’s ongoing strategy regarding the development of primary care indicators. 

What are the review’s terms of reference?

The review terms of reference are available for download from our website.

Can members of the public respond to the consultation? 

Yes we welcome views from anyone wishing to take part in the consultation, including members of the public. We have designed the consultation so that people who do not work in primary care can share their views. 

However, the consultation is mainly aimed at people working in primary care because we need to understand how they use data in carrying out their work, and what information is useful for them when delivering care for patients. 

How can I submit general enquiries to the review team?

For general enquiries about the review, please email

Journalists with media enquiries should contact our Media Office on 020 7257 8027 or email