• Being run by Surrey County Council, working with the Surrey Heartlands Partnership and The Information Lab.
  • Aiming to improve how data can inform decision making about the integration of services and changes to clinical pathways within Surrey Heartlands.
  • Will develop a joint approach to visualising datasets that describe health need and service provision.
  • Will run from January 2018 to March 2019.

In Surrey, a new joint way of working across departmental and organisational boundaries is being developed – to deliver business intelligence and the evidence needed to transform how care is delivered. A whole population, person-level, linked dataset is also being developed.

However, there is an urgent need to better understand currently available data, held within individual organisations, and to use it to better inform decisions about further integration of services and changes to pathways at a local level. 

This project will involve creating a community of practice that can work together to achieve this. Through this community, sophisticated visualisations of layered datasets describing health need and service provision will be produced. 

It will mean developing the analytic workforce across partner organisations within the sustainability and transformation partnership (STP) so that there is improved and consistent ability to use data visualisation tools. A ‘boot camp’ on Tableau, a data visualisation tool, will be held, aimed at improving the skills of those who are new to the tool, with those more experienced with it providing mentoring. There will also be online collaboration tools to upskill new users.

Three ‘hackathons’ will be held. These will be to develop the prototype layered visualisation; with decision-makers and analysts working together to generate visually exciting and useful displays to understand what is possible using currently available data. 

The data visualisation will be targeted at decision-makers to ensure the intelligence is useful and is used, with a focus on local joint commissioning boards (integrated care for adults), the Children and Young People Commissioning Partnership, the joint quality committee of the three local Clinical Commissioning Groups, and selected STP clinical workstreams.

The visualisations developed as part of this project will focus on three improvement areas: children and young people, cardiovascular health and unwarranted variation in health and social care. 

Contact information

For more information about this project, please contact Julie George, Consultant in Public Health, Surrey County Council.

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